Saturday, September 27, 2008

Adrian and the Tramp

Thursday I found myself with an hour to kill before work and decided to go to the train station. Preface for Mom: Don't worry! It was light, I had my cell phone, was in a semi busy area, and definitly could have swung hard and taken someone out with my tripod if need be. With that said, Union Station has some pretty cool old trains and my camera and I enjoyed a self guided tour. I guess all my camera clicking was a tad nosier than I realized though, because as I was focusing, a hobo came stumbling out of a near by train. I don't think he noticed me as he rubbed his eyes and proceeded to relieve himself on the tracks. I then decided it was about time to leave for work.


Meg said...

A hobo??? goodness gracious me. I'm glad he didn't notice you.

Good pictures, you astound me. ( I think I spelled that wrong, but it didn't underline it, so I'm leaving it)

elissagator said...

You know, at first I read the title as "Adrian the Tramp" and I thought, well that's just not true. And then I realized there was a conjunction at your union station junction title and it made oh so much more sense. You know mom always said a man that can pee on the tracks has a talent. "A whizzer if there ever was un" as stated by hagrid in the much beloved children's novels. Oh it's so good to use lipgloss at times like these. Although I don't think it's proper to say time in plural. Because once time has passed, (and I don't mean the type that you need gas-x for) it is gone. Something to chew over as you wonder what whizzers you'll meet today.