Monday, November 26, 2007


I just got back from THE MOST AMAZING weekend! However, I am too tired tonight to do it any justice through blogging. So I am posting this picture from a couple of weeks ago instead. I found it tonight while I was looking for something else and decided I that I like it. It has that pretty golden light that I love so much.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


How cool is this pinhole camera? I think I need to make one! Although that means I will need access to a darkroom to develop the film. I guess it will just have to wait, but still SO AMAZING!!
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Take Photos From Inside Your Mouth … with the Smiley-Cam!

The Smiley-Cam!

There’s nothing like a big “Say cheese!” to bring out the pearly whites.

But all this talk of grinning reminds us of one of our life-long curiosities — what about our teeth’s perspective? What it’s like looking out from inside our mouths?

At long last, we’ve found an answer: the Smiley-Cam!

Pinhole photography enthusiast Justin Quinnell has perfected the art of using bite-size pinhole cameras to get those difficult but illuminating inside-your-mouth-looking-out perspective shots. Even better, Justin’s selling his pinhole ’smiley-cam’ cameras for cheap.

Finally, you can turn the tables on Uncle Herman the next time he shouts, “Say cheese!”

The Smiley-Cam — The In-Mouth Pinhole Camera
Check out Justin Quinnel’s Smiley-Cam pics or get your own from Justin for $23 bucks.

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