Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Emily & Brian, 1 Year


This summer my sister, Emily and her husband Brian celebrated their one year anniversary. To document the occasion (and update their walls) we went to the Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona, UT. Not only were the fields beautiful, but I was surprised to see all of the fun things they have there. We're talking: replica jousting arena, medieval village, you pick lavender, boat house, horses, beautifully landscaped garden and waterfront, etc. I had heard that their yearly Lavender Day was fun, but I did not expect jousting! Next year we are definitely going!

But anyway, back to my sister and her husband :) These two have had one heck of a first year together with both some good and bad. I have been so impressed with their ability to stay strong and support each other through it all. They truly love each other and know how to have fun. I hope these photos showcase that.

DSC_7469 DSC_7523 DSC_7515 DSC_7531 DSC_7539 DSC_7559_7498 DSC_7542 DSC_7552 DSC_7591 DSC_7626 DSC_7645 DSC_7614