Monday, September 10, 2007


Although it’s only been a little over two weeks since I last posted, quite a bit has happened. I had some wonderful friends from school visit and we got to play Seattle tourist.

(this is made out of sand!)

I turned 22 and my mom and I went to the glass museum where: I learned all about Chihuly, determined that I must blow glass at some point in my life, and came away with a great t-shirt that says “nice glass” on the back…

(Ok, so this picture is out of focus. However, it was the the best I could do considering that I snapped it right before the security guy was coming around the corner. You can't take pictures in there and this giant glass web took up the entire room. It was too amazing not to capture!)

Shortly after my birthday I traveled with my dad to Rockland, Idaho where we started framing the family summer home. It was quite the interesting ride there. 12 hours in 90 degree plus weather with a squirt bottle for AC and only just enough radio reception for Dr. Laura.

Besides slave labor I also traveled to Salt Lake for some job interviews. I interviewed at several ad agencies and even got to catch up with a good friend. So big news…drum roll please… I am no longer just a poor college graduate bumming around my parent’s house! I am now a poor, homeless, college graduate with earning potential. I was offered a position with ThomasArts and this morning I accepted. I start on the 17th! So a week from today!! Things are out of control around here. I have only a week to pack, find an apartment, buy a vehicle, and get settled.

Unbelievably, I only took five pictures the whole time I was in Utah and Idaho. And it was only at my dad’s insistence that I should. So here is one of register rock where all of the Oregon Trail pioneers etched their names right before the Indian’s attacked. I personally think it’s amazing that they went to such lengths as including serifs in their writing. They obviously valued beautiful type.