Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week 4: Bridal Bouquet & Boutineer


This week was my last week in Floral Arranging 101 and I am really going to miss it! I have had a blast learning from Chelsea and plan to keep practicing and improving. The course has inspired me to plan out next year's flower garden already, and I may or may not have bought four dozen tulip bulbs from The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point... Check out the course, it's been so fun for me and worth every penny!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Week 3: Floral Crown


This week we learned how to make floral head-wreaths or crowns. I used wildflowers to complete the assignment and found that it was easier than I imagined. Now that I have done this, I am convinced that I need to throw a garden party next spring and make everyone a headpiece to wear! I also have been thinking about having a floral potluck like Kinfolk and Sarah Winward hosted. Everyone comes with a handful of flowers to share and make spring arrangements with. Once the flowers are arranged, everyone sits down to enjoy some outdoor dining. Sounds amazing right?!! Anyone interested?


After making the wildflower crown for Elora I thought it would be fun to try working with some larger flowers. I surveyed our garden and realized that we had snapdragons in nearly every color. Naturally that fact begged for the creation of a rainbow crown. And so I made one.

Photos of me via my husband, Aaron.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Floral 101

Hey, it's me! As predicted in my last post, I have been enjoying my sweet baby girl rather than updating here. However, currently I am feeling more settled in and have big plans for this blog. I have lots of shoots to post; a new logo and even a new look coming to the blog and my website. These changes are not happening over night, but should start appearing in the next few weeks.

Today I want to share some images from a floral class I am taking and LOVING! The course is taught entirely online by the very talented, Chelsea Fuss through Nicole's Classes.

Since becoming a homeowner, I knew that I wanted to bring our garden indoors. The previous owners set some good groundwork by planting roses and other flowers. Those paired with a few of mine have allowed me to carry out my assignments with very few purchases.

I am entering week three of the four week course and so far we have learned about: choosing and conditioning flowers, what tools to use, how to create a hand-tied bouquet, packaging, and most recently, how to create a wild English arrangement. I am quickly becoming obsessed with flowers and have to restrain myself when passing beautiful gardens. It's just too tempting to clip a few for my next arrangement ;)

Week One: A Hand-tied Bouquet

back view

Week Two: Wild English Arrangement

side view