Monday, September 22, 2008

My summer wrap up

As I was buying ingredients for this amazing pumpkin bread the other day, I realized that it is officially fall! Due to this, I decided to post a summer summary.

went to the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival

visited the fair

and went to my 1st demolition derby

attended this beautiful girl's wedding reception in Rexburg

took pictures of this great family

and went to Cats.

Not to mention swim parties, concerts in the park, camping, a big murder mystery date, the rodeo, and of course turning 23! Talk about a fun summer!


Jeanelle said...

Fun fun fun! How did the bread turn out? I gave all but about two slices away. I love it but I really think the muffins are my most favorite for some reason. I'm guessing it's big surprise there!

ammunk said...

Jeanelle, I actually ended up making a loaf and a bunch of muffins from the pumpkin cream cheese recipe. Don't worry though, I threw in some chocolate chips with the last batch of muffins so they were extra good! Chocolate chip pumpkin cream cheese!! YUM!

Stephanie Johnson said...

what a great summer!!!! My favorite was the demo derby. Yah for white trash ;) ;) ;)

Katie said...

You did more than I did in a the last YEAR! Wow!

The Lovinger's said...

I am completely the worst friend ever. I don't think I even texted you or called you or anything on your birthday. I will have to call you really soon to make up for that. But... Happy late Birthday!