Thursday, December 3, 2009


My Documentary Photography Book is finally done!!

*Please ignore the crop marks and such, these are just screen shots.
Feel free to click on them for an enlargement.

When deciding what to document for a photography class this semester, I started thinking about my apartment complex. All of the apartments are the exact same size and layout. They have the same light fixtures, paint color, and carpet. Yet, I imagined each apartment looking so different depending on who lived there. Factors such as culture, income, interests, and even time of year might prove to illustrate individuality housed within identical structures. Being new to the complex, I decide it was time to meet my neighbors and set out to document them.

Take a look:
By Adrian Parkinson


Jessica Hills said...

That turned out so great! Wasn't it awkward at all? I would have felt awkward, but that's just me. You are so good!

Elissa Stewart said...

Interesting neighbors. Too bad you weren't able to capture Horatio, the lover under my bed. I don't think he would have posed though.