Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Two wonderful things:
#1 The pomegranate made it in the mail to Elissa!!!! Everyone doubted, but triumph! Elissa got to try a pomegranate for the first time.

#2 My book made it here in time for my final! I thought I had ordered the book with plenty of time to spare and expected it to arrive on Friday or Saturday last week. Apparently I read the deadlines wrong. It was shipped on Friday or Saturday and expected to be delivered today; the same day as my final. I was so sure that it would arrive during or after my 12:00 final. I even called FedEx twice to see if I could come pick it up at the depo. Sadly that was not an option and I had come to grips with the fact that I would only be sharing a digital version in class. However, I guess my prayers worked because it arrived about 45 minutes before class!! Miracle of miracles! Seriously!


Katie said...

#1: I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hasn't had a pomegranate (though I have had pomegranate flavored drinks).

#2: The book looks great! You should post more pictures of it on Flickr.

#3 (even though you don't have a #3 in your post): Have you looked into Getty's Call For Artists on Flickr? You should!

Trina said...

Did you really mail the pomegranate by itself? You didn't put it in a box?

ammunk said...

why yes, yes I did.

Jessica Hills said...

That is too funny about the pomegranate! I want to come see your book soon! Thanks again for letting me use your lens!