Friday, July 11, 2008

"The Little Blonde One"

First off, I thought I should calm your troubled souls in regards to my last post. Apparently some people actually read my blog and were forced to take household polls when I left you on that giant cliff hanger. :) So know now that American Falls is to the left and Malad is to the Right.

OK, now the pictures. These were taken this past weekend in two of my favorite abandoned houses and I just have to say...aren't my sisters the cutest girls ever?!!

P.S. Anna, I apologize that there are so many of Emy, but I figure you get a whole blog post of your own in August for your senior pictures. And I hate to say it, but you are just too stinking cute to be posing in an abandoned house. I needed some "emo" action and as Nick says, "the little blonde one," is good at that.

P.P.S. Emily don't worry I think you are stinking cute also!



Yes, they are gorgeous! Can't believe how much they have grown up. Your photography is great. When you come back to town, let me know, I'd love to have you come do the kids for me.

Jeanelle said...

your sisters are both stinkin' cute! Great job!! I'm so excited you'll be here in August -- yes, we are going to get together for sure!! :)

Amber Briggs said...

Adrian! You are such a good photographer and your sisters are really cute! Im glad you got a chance to see your family!

Julie said...

I guess their ok! Of course they are beautiful. Your going to have to give me some photography lessons. I got a new camera for mothers day so when you are in town we should get together.

Aunt Julie

Anonymous said...

What about little brownie???? HUH??????? I have a name too you know!!!!!!