Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th O July

This last weekend, Stephanie and I got to visit with my family in Rockland, ID. We had lots of fun doing all of the small town fourth things. Highlights of the trip included: watching the kids chase the greased hogs, watching "leash girl" with leash flying chase after the greased hogs, riding motorcycles and horses, canoing, laughing with everyone, swimming in the freezing spring water...and so on. Basically I loved getting to spend time with my family and seeing the progress on the new cabin - even if it did mean cold showers and painting duty. :)

P.S. Above is THE WORST sign ever made! Which way do you go? Is American Falls left or right?!!! I spent a good 5 minutes trying to decide one day and then ultimately choose incorrectly...

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stephanie_johnson said...

We totally should have ran in the greased pig contest. We could have beat all of those kids, and won the pig!