Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Rainy Day

Yesterday My sister and I field tripped to Seattle for her Art 101 class. She was required to visit two small galleries in Pioneer Square. Sadly only one was open. This piece was my personal favorite, "Grasshopper drive #1" by Gaylen Hansen.

With that out of the way we still had a few hours on the meter to kill and decided to wander around. It did not take long before we found something of interest, a shop selling men’s punk rocker style kilts (I think that’s what you could term them as anyway). Finding the manikin in the window pretty funny, I told Anna to pose next to it. Then just as I was about to take the shot, a man sporting the same outfit as the manikin ran out of the store yelling, “halt!” Anna and I both thought for sure that we were in some sort of trouble. Surprisingly he threw his arm around Anna and cheesed it up for the photo before retuning to the store. Highly entertaining!

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering in and out of shops, eating the best sandwiches ever, getting drenched in the wonderful Seattle rain, and then driving through the flooded street near our house at least five times. It was a good day!


Anna said...

I love KILT BOY!

Katie said...

They're called utilikilts, I think.

Next time you're in Seattle, you need to let me know!