Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lineman Lookback

EPTC Class of 2012

Last week marked the anniversary of my last day working for Continuing Education at Salt Lake Community College. A year later I hold a much different job title, that of mother and wife followed by freelance artist.

While I worked at SLCC for several years, I never posted any of my projects on my blog since they were so different from my usual realm of design and photography. Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Green Academy images with you. You can learn more about SLCC's Green Academy here.

lineman_bag buckettruck2
lineman_climbing foreman hurtmanrescue2 hurtmanrescue_lineman lineman_tools lineman_working2 lineman_working3 lineman_working buckettruck power lineman_working4 lineman_working5 lineman_working6 lineman_working7 lineman_working8 lineman2 lineman lineman_working9 lineman_working10 substation substation2 tests_substation CNG CNG2 energymanagement sloar_install_woman solar_pathfinder solar_planning

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Anna Harrison said...

what a completely random and different thing to get to photograph! These are great! show more of different odd jobs like this. :) Did you get to go up in the cherry picker to take some photos?!