Monday, November 4, 2013

Paris World's Fair Wedding Reception

Let me start by saying that this was the coolest wedding reception I have ever been to! The attention to detail was amazing, the food was fantastic and naturally, the bride and groom stunning. And the kicker? Hot air balloon rides for all of the guests!!
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Some of my favorite features from this reception were: the dining table that spanned the entire field, the old french doors made into tables and filled with foraged items, the sign in quilt, the eclectic china plates, the little flower girls running around in fairy wings and the epic bouquet toss from the hot air balloon (see above photo). Like I said earlier, best wedding reception ever!

And yes, I am still incredibly jealous of the photographer who shot the bride and groom!

Wedding Planner: Mary Lee, Flowers: Elissa Stewart, Balloon Rental: Lucky Star Hot Air Balloons


Kristina Bills said...

WOW That is amazing!!!! Those pictures look great too!

Hallie Shumway said...

Thanks for the post! Great attention to detail; I wish I could have sat at the table and you've captured it all! May I get some of these photos from you?

Anna Harrison said...

That long table! I've never seen anything quite like it. And those dried sunflowers and cotton plants. How interesting! I also like the whimsical apples that look like they are dancing with scarfs. ha And let's not even start about that hot air balloon! Ans was there any cake under all that beautiful foliage? ;)

Such creative people. Oh and those little fairies in that photo with the balloon may be one of my favorites.

You did a great job capturing the feel. And I can tell that the day was bright and you rocked that lighting, as always!

Adrian said...
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