Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Environmental portraits


I have been working on several environmental portraits lately for class. i.e. this image from Hi-Grade Meats. Last week we had a field trip to see Grant Heaton's studio and after passing the meat processing plant on our way, I decided it would be my next location. So I gave them a call and the next day Carly and I proceeded to have a great time touring the plant in our special white coats and hairnets. I found it all fascinating. Carly on the other hand, has since sworn off meat. :) More environmental images here.


Elissa Stewart said...

I wonder what the man is listening to on his ipod. Perhaps "meat you halfway?"

SLCFoodie said...

Nice to meet you tonight! I love this chef portrait. Have a great weekend!

rcmunk said...

This looks very Nat Geo. I think this mainly because the guy does not know how to smile, and because he is in a gross work environment. Those and/or someone being naked are the three qualifications to a great National Geographic photo.