Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Semester Update

I figured it was about time to update my blog with some of my recent school work. This semester I have four really fun classes:

Alternative Photography* - where we get to play with holgas, infrared film, pinholes, and you name it. Right now we are studying Pictorialism and making our own vandykes & cyanotypes. So fun!

Documentary Photography - in which I have chosen to document the tenets of my apartment complex to show that although the apartment layout and space is identical, each apartment is so different depending on who lives there. The final project will be complied into a book with side by side comparison photos.

Studio* - learning to use and love all light.

Independent study food photography course - reading lots of books and websites, taking Nicole's Tabletop Photography Class (on Thursday!) and hopefully working with a chef.

As you can imagine I am pretty busy and that's even before adding
my three part-time jobs: one designing/marketing for SLCC’s Continuing Education, one working as a food demo person in grocery stores, fairs, and farmers markets, and one working out with a girl who has mental disabilities.

Despite the busyness, I promise to try to be better about sharing my projects. Enjoy!

* more images from these classes can be found here and here.


krick said...

How awesome are these! I'm so proud to say I know you . . .

Brooke said...

awesome work! You inspire me to do something other than "people"! Keep it up!

Elissa Stewart said...

my, what a short glass of eggs you are. I mean, that you took a picture of. The cemetery picture is magical. I feel like I saw a garden gnome.