Thursday, May 28, 2009


As part of my goal to be a better blogger I have decided to give you all a Readers Digest version of the past few months. I suppose if I would have just been posting regularly there would have been less, "I had no idea you were even dating someone" comments, so I apologize. Here it goes:

Since I am mostly addressing the claim that I was keeping Aaron a secret, I will start by sharing how we first met. Now many of you will mock me for this, but this semester I enrolled in a, "Happiness in Dating: Prep for Eternal Marriage" institute class at SLCC. It was one of the only classes that worked with my schedule and since I loved the course I took at BYU-Idaho, I signed up. Shortly after registering I learned that the class only had two assignments. Each student was required to go on one date per week (or 12 dates) as well as be present for the final which was a group date where the professor set everyone up with students in his other classes. I thought this was hilarious and naturally told several people after hearing about it. One of which was Trina, one of Stephanie’s old high school friends. A few days later Steph got a message from Trina on Facebook that said she had been thinking about and wanted to help me out. She had a cousin. So we went to the zoo, watched Madagascar II, and enjoyed ourselves. During those first few weeks of the semester I went on a lot of dates and not just with Aaron. I was spoiled with dinners & lunches, a visit to an elk ranch, games, movies, ice skating, mini golf, dancing, go carts, you name it. I think at one point I went on five dates in one week. It was crazy, but despite all of the different people I met and all the entertaining activities I was treated to, spending time with Aaron always seemed to be the most fun. The more I learned about him, the more intrigued I became and by February we were dating exclusively.

This is me and Aaron in February right after he completed the Castle Rock Challenge Duathlon in St. George which was comprised of: a 5k, 24 miles biking, and then another 5k.
and here is Aaron getting beat by a little girl...ok so maybe they decided to start the children's one-lap race as most of the olympic runners were still crossing the finish line, but I still think it's a funny picture.

Me and the fam waiting in the airport for Robert's homecoming.

Steph and I right after she received her Masters.

For Mother's Day Aaron and I decide to finger paint cards for our moms just like elementary days. Tragically my camera on auto focus/timer does not work the best sometimes...

Steph and I at our ward's, "Down and Dirty Pinewood Derby." Yes, my car has a brick duck taped onto it, and yes it would have won if only the owner of the track was not paranoid.

These next few are from this last weekend when Aaron came with me to Rockland, Idaho to meet my family. We had a great time 4-wheeling,

getting exceedingly dirty,

being spied on by my little sister Mary, canoeing, fishing in the creek, playing with my family,

recreating American Gothic, and oh, getting engaged. :)

Other items I have failed to update you on include: going on a tour of a choloclate factory, fishing in Flaming Gorge, visits from some of my best friends, having one of my photographs accepted into the school art show, getting my first 3.9 GPA, volunteering to teach a photography course for 4-H kids, being released from the Relief Society Presidency and called to be on SLCC's Institute Council as well as Linger Longer Chair in my ward, and working 5 jobs - delivering door hangers, server/host at a wedding reception center, photographer's assistant, workout buddy for a lady with mental handicaps, and guerrilla marketing director.


Jeanelle said...

What? No photo credit for the family picture??? LOL. Loved the update of your last few months. I really think you should be a spokesperson for that dating class you took. Everyone would sign up for it if they knew they could date that much. Loved the update and I love being your first commenter two blog posts in a row. Go me!!

Nick said...

We need more details about Aaron. That's all there is to it.

ammunk said...

Well what do you want to know? Please submit your inquires. :)

Jess said...

Looks like you've been busy and having lots of fun! Is Aaron from Utah? What is he doing, school? career? Where are you guys going to live? What are your favorite things about Aaron? I'm just throwing some out there cuz I want to know more too :)

Trina said...

So somehow I stumbled across your blog, I hope you don't mind I added it to my blog followings. ( I'm super excited for you and Aaron and can't wait until August :) It was fun seeing all the pictures, I'm glad Aaron won over the others :)

ammunk said...

Inquires answered:

Aaron is in pharmacy school at the University of Utah and has three more years before he graduates with his doctorate degree. Due to this, we will probably end up living in Salt Lake so we can be close to school and work. And lastly in response to Jessica’s last question, "what are your favorite things about Aaron," I confess that there are just too many for me to list here! I love that he is so patient and understanding with me - humors me when I spout off passionately about typography or how Anne of Green Gables is the best movie ever. He treats me so, so well, always willing to sacrifice to make me happy. He is confident, thoughtful, has a great sense of humor, works hard, and shares my level of dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We always have great conversation and oodles (and yes I just used the word “oodles”) of fun together. I admire his commitment to his schooling and that he loves to serve others. In short, I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the entire world, having found exactly the type of man I was looking for.

paulandcherisvreeken said...

You are sooo cute!!! Thanks for the update and all of the pictures!!! I'm SOOOO excited for you!!!

PS. On a TOTALLY different note... if you still need to do pictures for a homework assignment and you are even in town I still want to be your subject!!!! Hahaha!!! Love you!!! Congrats again!!!