Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Life and Times of a TV Dinner

In Photo Vision this week my assignment was to tell this TV dinner’s story. Others in the class focused on the life and times of: a single rose, a peace sign, a twig, a straw, etc. and then determined how they wanted to present the final prints. As I documented, I certainly got lots of weird looks. I am assuming this was due to me shivering with a camera in the freezer section. However, all the questioning was remedied simply by stating that I am a photography student. I love the fact that being an art student automatically turns behavior normally deemed “socially unacceptable,” into accepted and even encouraged behavior. Can you imagine what the shoppers would have thought if I did not have my student status as an excuse?


Katie said...

Pretty good! And the title reminds me of a little thing we like to call "The Many Adventures of the Ground." Maybe you should make that you next project.

Anna Munk said...

Lol, they would have thought you were crazy!