Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ode to Little Brownie

Last month when I posted pictures from Rockland I got an "anonymous" comment wondering, "What about little brownie???? HUH??????? I have a name too you know!!!!!!" I'm not sure who anonymous is, but with without further adieu here are Anna's seniors:

Seattle (56)b

Seattle (82)b
Seattle (150)b

Seattle (161)b

Seattle (167)b
Seattle (163)b

Seattle (181)b

It was great fun going to the beautiful you-pick lavender fields near our house (especially when that chicken scared Anna-trust me it was great!), but honestly the best part was probably making Anna jump into the pool over and over. :)


Amber Briggs said...

HOW FUN!!! Adrian you are such a good photographer! Looks like you guys had fun!

Brittany said...

Great! You are such a great photographer. Your sis is a doll. Just like you!!! I miss ya.

Beth said...

Adrian these are great! I LOVE the pool ones, how fun! If you want to see the bridals I took of Emily you can see them at this web address

We ended up going to the lavender field you took Anna too and a few other cool places.

Holly Benson Jolley said...

great photos of Anna. when you come home, I want you to do Cam and Maddy's photos again! we miss you!