Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We have internet again!!!

Well, Steph and I finally sucked it up and got Comcast. It really was great when we were "stealing" internet from that unknown source, but once we figured out that our source was the Holiday Inn across the freeway...the guilt was just too much. No worries now though. I can go online whenever I want. No more library 30 minute limits.

Since it's been a little while I will leave you with some highlights from the last month or so:
upgrading from this box and bedside table

to this real desk

Spending Easter in Arches with Stephanie and her family

Conference in the Conference Center

Getting dressed up for a formal dinner dance

And of course running the Salt Lake 1/2 Marathon!


paulandcherisvreeken said...

Hey girl!!! I found you on Jessica's site!!! How the heck are you?! I miss seeing you out and about here. How's life?!

Jeanelle said...

You ran the SLC 1/2 marathon? You totally rock!! And congrats on growing up and getting your own internet!!! ;)

Amber Briggs said...

Ahhh you and Steph are so cute!!! Adrian....I cant believe you were still using that box!! I laughed when I saw the picture of it but was excited to see your upgrade...I will have to come see your place sometime!

Corey Brooke said...

adrian!!!!!!!!! wow, it's been way too long. so, i found your blog. i have a blog. you should come visit me there. i went to conference for my first time in april, i see you were there too. anyway, looks like you are really getting somewhere and being all grown up and such. i am just about to go to your website, and i'm so excited!!!! miss you!