Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For Rent

Since coming home after Christmas, my friend Stephanie and I have been trying really hard to find a nice place to live. For a while there we were looking in the avenues. Which if you are not familiar with, are the historic homes near temple square that have been restored. We found this beautiful mansion there: all wood floors, three bedrooms with a master that could fit at least three, a spiral wooden staircase in the front, another staircase in the back, huge skylights, beautiful cast doorknobs, window seats, stained glass, fireplace, what lies beneath tub in one bath and a big jet tub in the other, Italian marble, and even a hidden room with lights and seat when you swung the bookcase back – just like in the old scary movies! It was amazing and even semi in our price range if we had three people splitting the rent. Unfortunately they decided they only wanted two and we can not pay that much each. I almost cried over it! We also don’t have any furniture so the old mansion would really have been shamed with our cardboard boxes for chairs.

Yesterday Steph and I once again set out to find the perfect place…only to find these horrors! This one with its three stolen shopping carts and beer bottles decorating the heaps of cast off furniture, we found too terrifying to even venture into.

Then it was on to the ghetto apartments that hosted what Steph termed to be the, “taco trailer.” We are still quite convinced that the grizzly looking tenets must use it at night to rake in a little extra rent money.

So this is my question…does anyone know of a reasonable place to rent in Bountiful or north Salt Lake? Does one such place exist?


Katie said...

I would be afraid to live in that house! But I guess the house I lived in during my junior year wasn't much better, and it was next to crack addicts... I just renewed my lease, so I'll be living in that apartment until at least 2009. Crazy!

Good luck with your house hunt! Let me know when you find something and have an address.

Stephanie said...

Hey I was thinking that maybe we should move to the apt with the trailer. We would probaly get a great discount on tacos!!! Or better yet, if we moved into the apt with the shopping carts we could have cart races down the street. How did we not think of these perks???

Anna Banana! said...

lol, sounds like you guys had quite the adventure!